We partner with Yurringa, a 100% Indigenous owned business, to provide Indigenous demolition recruitment, labour hire, drone services and consulting services on diversity and inclusion within our organisation.

    Industrial Demolition Services works with Indigenous owned Yurringa for social procurement and demolition recruitment.

    Indigenous demolition recruitment, participation and partnerships

    At Industrial Demolition Services (IDS) we acknowledge our responsibility to engage with First Nations Peoples. Our approach in demolition recruitment is to prioritise the sourcing, selection, engagement and retention of Aboriginal employees, subcontractors and partners.

    This strategy is supported by equipping our staff and contractors with the right knowledge and skills to ensure we build strong, lasting relationships. We work hard to maintain a work culture that is welcoming, respectful, open and inclusive of Aboriginal people and culture. Partnering with Yurringa brings valuable insights and authenticity to these relationships.


    Yurringa’s Founder and Managing Director, Daniel Briggs is a proud descendant of the Yorta Yorta people who are the Custodians of the region surrounding the junction of the Goulburn (Kaiela) and Murray (Dungala) Rivers.

    Yurringa’s objective is to contribute to change, turning the dial on life expectancy outcomes and wellbeing parity which benefit our community as a whole.

    Yurringa strives to do this through procurement and participation. Being economic and social contributors are foundational aspects to “closing the gap.”

    At IDS we recognise this. Thus, our partnership extends beyond positive employment and procurement outcomes. It is fundamental to work with Yurringa, supporting the people and culture within IDS, to ensure we embrace and practice the values and initiatives crucial to positive change.

    We partner with Yurringa for Indigenous demolition recruitment services.

    Supply Nation

    IDS is committed to increasing indigenous participation on project sites through ongoing improvement to processes and partnerships. We actively seek out and engage Indigenous owned suppliers and companies through the Supply Nation directory and other available avenues.