Our commitment to preserving environments is best demonstrated by our approach to industrial sustainability. The goal is to minimise or eliminate all adverse environmental impacts arising from our activities.


    Average non-hazardous waste recycled

    Our environmental commitment

    Environmental stewardship comes with significant responsibilities. At Industrial Demolition Services (IDS) we take these responsibilities very seriously. Industrial sustainability and good environmental management is integral to IDS operations. It is built on a deep respect for the environment and acknowledging the need for sustainable grave to cradle solutions.

    We are AS/NZS ISO 14001-2016 certified. Our Environmental Management System forms part of our Integrated Management system and ensures we are compliant with all regulatory and client requirements.

    But, we actively strive to unlock all the potential in project sites. Exceeding relevant legislative and regulatory standards – preventing pollution, recovering or recycling materials and reducing waste – is the norm.

    And we don’t stop there. Because our obligation is to minimise and eliminate adverse environmental impacts from our work. If we find a way to improve environmental outcomes on a task, we adopt the practice. If the practice is applicable to other projects its adopted across the business.

    Innovations in industrial sustainability

    We focus on leaving environments better than we find them. This is achieved by embedding responsible management practices and environmental considerations into every aspect of our business.

    We continually search for new ways to improve our environmental performance. Working closely with clients we identify appropriate and innovative waste reduction strategies for every project.

    A goal of 0% waste for non-hazardous materials is the target. Projects to date have delivered an average of less than 2% waste.

    Other strategies include investing in modern equipment and innovative solutions. Fuel efficiency and reduced emissions are another focus. We continue to work on reducing carbon emissions, water usage, fuel and electricity consumption until our targets are achieved.