At Industrial Demolition Services diversity and inclusion aren’t just statistics. It’s not about filling quotas on demolition jobs. Our measure is our people feeling purpose, worth and value. Success comes with a sense of belonging.


    Years in business

    Encouraging diversity in demolition jobs and industry

    We are committed to making a real difference in tackling disadvantage and exclusion. Our belief is that our people perform at their best by actively embracing diversity, inclusion and mutual respect.

    To achieve this we invest in a work culture that is welcoming, respectful, open and inclusive of Aboriginal people. Working alongside consulting and recruitment company Yurringa we actively maintain an inclusive workplace culture where the diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives of our people are respected, included and valued.

    Providing pathways to demolition jobs for indigenous Australians, women and individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds is an essential part in maintaining our strong, innovative culture.

    Supporting inclusion in demolition culture

    There’s no denying it, our work is dangerous. It’s our moral obligation as a corporate citizen to ensure all our people are safe, supported and provided fair and equal opportunities.

    Our approach is to focus on the unique value every individual brings to the workplace. This means we advocate for the inclusion of everyone (across all diversity dimensions). Our measure of success is when all employees feel safe and welcome at work.

    From an Indigenous perspective, Yurringa provides insights and builds awareness of how actions of past generations still impact Indigenous people today. More importantly, that acknowledgement and learning from the past can help us all move forward together.

    On the job, a tight-knit team is the safest team. Inclusive policies and a supportive culture helps our staff have their mind on the job, where it should be.