Culture sits at the foundation of our success. Valuing our people, community and environment keeps everyone safe and connected. It’s the secret to us becoming a leading demolition company.


    Average employee contract (years)

    An employer of choice

    A great culture means great staff. Attracting the best talent needs the right demolition company employer. That’s why we invest so deeply in our company culture. By working with ethically aligned clients we take this to the next level. When we work with you, you become a part of the IDS family.

    Living breathing values

    Some organisations keep their values on the wall. We keep our values in our hearts.

    Everyone goes home safe. Health & safety doesn’t stop at the door and neither do we.

    Like family
    Best performance comes with a sense of belonging. Diversity, inclusion and mutual respect are core to our culture.

    Our behaviour reflects the care, support and respect we have for our family. We mean what we say and finish what we start.

    Social responsibility
    As responsible corporate caretakers we leave environments and communities better than we found them.

    As industries evolve, so do we. Embracing innovation means we’re ready to solve the challenges of the future.

    Living and breathing our values is how we support, protect and care for the well-being and reputation of clients, contractors and staff.

    Community engagement

    Community giving
    Supporting communities impacted by demolition projects is part of our mandate. We always look for better ways to make a difference in our communities.

    Industrial Demolition Services has a long history of sponsoring local community clubs and events, and supporting not-for-profit organisations.

    Currently we are proud to be the official sponsor of the Professional Taekwondo Athletes Team, based in Moonee Ponds.

    As part of our support local and giving back community values we have partnered with the Club to help send athletes of all ages to complete at the 2023 Taekwondo National Championships.

    As well as running a vibrant and inclusive club that is open and welcoming to everyone, Professional Taekwondo delivers:

    • kid, teen and adult classes
    • anti-bullying programs
    • school programs
    • teen leadership program
    • diversity & inclusion
    • health & well-being
    • social connection
    • life skills & community

    Industrial Demolition Services (IDS) is excited to announce sponsorship of the Professional Taekwondo (PRO TKD) Athletes Team. 

    Contact us if you would like to know more about our sponsorship program.