We specialise in marine demolition, safely removing over water marine structures, harbour side infrastructure and port equipment & machinery.


    Melbourne waterways projects completed

    Marine demolition of structures over water

    Marine demolitions present unique challenges and hazards. Removing structures over water adds yet another layer of complexity to a demolition project.

    Our team of marine demolition experts are trained and experienced to handle urban and rural projects of various sizes and complexity. Careful planning, including due consideration of the marine environment to prevent disturbance, is paramount to the demolition approach.

    Contact our skilled team of marine demolition specialists about over water marine projects including:

    • Piers
    • Jetties
    • Bridges
    • Dolphins
    • Docks

    Marine infrastructure dismantling

    A multitude of construction methods and materials are used in marine infrastructure. Completing an initial survey can highlight challenges and provide insights into potential solutions.

    We tailor responsible, safe and effective marine demolition and dismantling strategies to ensure minimal impact to surrounding businesses, property, traffic and the natural environment.

    Get expertly engineered marine planning advice and dismantling expertise including:

    • Wharves
    • Dolphins
    • Buildings
    • Quay walls
    • Warehousing
    • Slips

    Marine machinery

    Dismantling marine machinery, such as ship loaders and cranes, in a busy urban port or terminal is all in a days work for our marine team. Whether on a live site or disused property the team provide an efficient and effective machine dismantling service.

    Get maximum value from our dismantling team for disused assets and recycled scrap.