As specialist demolition contractors we have the right skills and experience for working in decommissioned and live facilities – oil refineries, power stations, chemical & manufacturing plants.


    Decommissioned sites

    Oil and gas

    Decommissioning and demolition services for oil and gas infrastructure. End-of-life services include industrial cleaning, dismantling, hazardous materials removal, contaminated soil remediation and site restoration.

    Our team of demolition experts are trained to overcome any and all challenges in the decommissioning of heavy industry to leave the affected environment in it’s pre-industry condition.

    Contact our skilled team of oil & gas decommissioning and demolition specialists for your industry needs including:

    • Petrochemical plants
    • Refineries
    • Terminal sites
    • Above and below ground storage

    Energy and mining

    As old coal-fired power plants become increasingly uneconomic to operate, decommission planning is essential to manage the end-of life stage. Defunct large scale structures and facilities require robustly designed mechanisms and planning to ensure the decommissioning process does not become onerously expensive.

    Our team of project managers and demolition specialists offer the right planning and environmental experience to service this end-of-life industry.

    Get expertly engineered planning advice and dismantling expertise for:

    • Power plants
    • Chimneys stacks
    • Boilers
    • Cooling towers
    • Building infrastructure
    • Mining and quarrying infrastructure

    Pharmaceuticals, chemicals and industrial manufacturing

    The process of decommissioning and dismantling pharmaceutical plants is highly specialised. Residual cultures such as bacteria, yeast and cells remain in the immediate environment after production processes cease. These and other by-products can produce excessive amounts of toxic materials that can’t be eradicated and require a unique approach.

    Get our team of specialist demolition contractors to provide tailored services for the decommissioning of pharmaceutical and other industrial manufacturing including:

    • Automotive
    • Chemicals & plastics
    • Manufacturing
    • Industrial estates