We understand the intense scrutiny Government projects receive. Our demolition experts based in Melbourne, Victoria have the hands-on experience complex public sector projects require.


    Average Government contract (days)

    Government and Public infrastructure

    Based on our long industry history and proven credentials, especially for demolition in Melbourne and Victoria, we’ve expertly honed the right services for Government infrastructure projects.

    Complex public sector projects require careful hands-on management, close attention to detail and an intimate knowledge of compliance requirements. Core to successful projects is managing diverse stakeholder relationships and politically sensitive environments. All while working to tight time frames and budgets.

    Get expertly engineered planning, advice and expertise including:

    • Rail
    • Roads
    • Bridges
    • Buildings
    • Historic structures


    Collaborating with Defence clients requires a deep understanding of working in classified and secure environments. IDS brings that, and more, to defence contracts.

    Our team is adept at recognising and managing the unique risks of Defence projects, such as unexploded ordinance and other potentially volatile materials. An additional area of expertise lies in the proper handling of sensitive areas, be it security, archaeological, heritage or environmental.

    Contact our skilled team specialists about secure services for sensitive projects including:

    • Unexploded ordinance
    • Hazardous substances
    • Historical buildings and sites
    • Marine infrastructure

    Urban renewal

    IDS can bring significant experience to urban renewal works and inner-city projects from planning to completion. From demolishing redundant buildings and decommissioning industrial estates to restoring sites ready for rezoning and housing developments, our team delivers.

    Public sector demolition and urban renewal for cities like Melbourne and Sydney require special emphasis and expertise on managing live sites in urban environments.

    Get the right know-how onboard to deliver Government projects on time, even with complex challenges in:

    • Safety management on-site and public surrounds
    • Traffic management
    • Environmental management