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SCA Hygiene Box Hill

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SCA Hygiene Box Hill




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Project Overview

SCA Hygiene have recently undertaken major plant upgrades and refurbishment projects at their Box Hill facility in an effort to streamline their production facilities, which produce a variety of tissue paper products such as toilet paper, facial tissue and absorbent paper.

IDS completed two contracts at the SCA Box Hill site in the first half of 2013. The first was a C550 contract which entailed the removal of the redundant PM2 paper machine and associated equipment within the PM2 building and the second being the C600 contract which required the balance of the internals of the PM1 and 2 galleries to be stripped along with the asbestos sheet roof of these galleries and a portion of the adjacent Conversion A area removed and replaced with new roofing materials.

Scope of Work

The C550 contract ran from January through to March and the C600 flowed on from the C550 and was completed in July.
Both contracts saw IDS taking on the role of Principal Contractor on site and incorporated a mixture of demolition, fabrication and installation works. As Principal, IDS coordinated the subcontracting trades which included Asbestos Removalists, Plumbers, Concreters, Steel Fabricators, Installers and Crane operators.