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Project Details

Project Name:

Mentone Heritage Station Relocation


Mentone, VIC


March 2020



Relocation of Heritage Building

Project Overview

Industrial Demolition undertook the relocation of a 100-year- old Down Track Station Building listed on the Victorian Heritage Register. This building was one of the landmarks of Mentone.

Moving a heritage building with significant deterioration provided several challenges and required an “outside the box approach” which stretched the boundaries of standard industry practices and innovation, all within a time frame that was considered unachievable. IDS was able to deliver on all these fronts with pinpoint accuracy and to the satisfaction of the Southern Program Alliance (SPA) and Heritage Victoria.

Scope of Work

Industrial Demolition was contracted by SPA (SPA comprises of Lendlease, Acciona, Coleman Rail, WSP, Metro Trains Melbourne, and Level Crossing Removal Program) to come up with a proposal for the relocation of Down Track Station Building.

The building was to be moved to its temporary storage area to make way for the piling work to be carried out for the new underground station.

Unique Challenges

Moving a historic building with significant deterioration provided a unique set challenges. As the building was listed on the Victorian Heritage Register any proposal had to be signed off by Heritage Victoria.

To add more complexity, the work was to be completed within a prescribed occupation period during which the trains would be discontinued for 5 days only.

Customised Solutions

The standard industry practice around such high-profile buildings is to deconstruct the building piece by piece and store them for subsequent reconstruction. Such an approach was not feasible in this case as the time required to deconstruct the building exceeded the occupation window. Furthermore, reconstruction of the building in its entirety from more than 100-year-old members provided challenges of its own.

IDS came up with an innovative solution to lift the entire building as a whole. This approach required extensive review of the existing structure and detailed calculations of the building weights.

Based on these calculations, a design was formulated and was later reviewed and approved by an independent 3rd party structural engineer which required using laminated veneer lumbers (LVL’s) to be introduced into the structural makeup of the existing building externally and screwed onto each wall stud to provide diagonal bracing. This would help in resisting the lateral and torsional stresses encountered during lifting. Two perimeter frames were attached to each wall stud at the top and bottom to increase the stability of the structure during lift.

 Sections with significant rot were identified and repaired or otherwise excluded, depending
on their location within the structure. Once all the preparation work was completed the
building was separated from its base and a 250 Ton crane was used to relocate the building
to its new position.


The building was successfully relocated with time to spare in the occupation window and no damage was identified during the lift.