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GrainCorp Limited

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Project Name:

GrainCorp Limited


3622 Sunraysia Hwy, Donald VIC 3480


Dec ’19 – Jan ‘20



Demolition of Structures

Project Overview

Industrial Demolition Services were contracted to undertake the demolition of the remaining two buildings from the old Donald Meatworks, the cool room and the abattoir.

Speed was essential for the success of this project as the deterioration of the building conditions pose significant risk to the public. Precision of the works was also imperative to minimise any damage to adjacent infrastructure.

Unique Challenges

This relatively simple project involved unique challenges and access constraints, as both structures were surrounded by live infrastructure, which was to remain in operation. From live overhead powerlines along Sunraysia Highway to client infrastructure, such as grain storage silos and rail network, they were all to be protected and remain undamaged. Safe access to adjacent neighbouring merchandise had to also be retained, with additional control measures implemented in relation to noise and dust levels.

Customised Solutions

Those unique surroundings only indicated the use of a 35 tonne long reach excavator with hydraulic shear as the principal tool for the subject demolition works.