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DP World – Swanson Dock

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DP World – Swanson Dock


Brooklyn, Victoria



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Project Overview

The broad scope of demolition works carried out at DP World in the busy West Swanson Dock Intermodal container facility, is a working testimony to the skills Industrial Demolition has in operating in a live working environment. In every part of this project, container movements have continued near the various work zones in what is Victoria’s busiest shipping facility.

Scope of Work

The precise traffic management plans developed at the commencement of this project ensured that the project progressed flawlessly. Five significant buildings and a large container wash facility were removed from the site without any detriment to the day-to-day operation of this container facility.

The removal of the CFS warehouse was the last element of this project. This building was integrated with a high voltage substation and IDES separated the structure and removed the 9,500 square metre warehouse from the site with considerable skill and without impacting on the smooth movements of thousands of containers.
The entire project was undertaken in two major mobilisations over a three-month period.