SP1 Glass Removal | Visy
    Penrith, NSW

    Project Overview

    Visy required leaked glass removal services for a basement spill located on their Penrith site. Industrial Demolition Services (IDS) were called in to undertake emergency works, having been previously contracted by Visy to work on multiple sites across Australia.

    Scope of Works

    Scope of works included:

    • Site establishment
    • Visy glass removal from SP1 basement
    • 9 day project timeline
    • no disruption to production lines

    Specialist services required:  Recycling  |  Hazardous materials

    Unique challenges

    Emergency works were urgently required to remove 350 tonnes of glass from SP1 Basement, resulting from a furnace leak. The leaked glass was dispersed around steel members of the furnace.

    IDS had only a 9 day window to remove the glass to enable further repairs and production. Works were required to be undertaken adjacent to live production lines and other VISY site operations without any business interruptions.

    Strict environmental controls were needed to control noise, dust and other the environmental aspects of the project to ensure compliance and minimal disruption. Additional Health & Safety aspects of the project, to meet VISY requirements, had to be addressed.


    Thorough planning in consultation with the VISY team was essential to ensure IDS supplied the best resources for an efficiency and successful project delivery.

    A 24hr work schedule – split into day and night shifts – was introduced for the 9 day project duration, in order to meet the tight timeline. Experienced personnel and specialised equipment were engaged to deliver the high standards of safety and quality VISY expect.


    IDS completed the project on time and within the budget without any interruptions to other VISY site operations. Completion on time enabled VISY to continue with further repairs of furnace to get production back to business as usual.

    Approximately 350 tonnes of glass was removed without any safety incidents. An outstanding result, given the aggressive nature of the work.


    3-12 May 2023