IDS Garden Island Wharf Demolition and Realignment for PGH Holdings and Leadlease
    Garden Island, NSW
    IDS Garden Island Wharf Demolition and Realignment for PGH Holdings and Leadlease

    Project overview

    Industrial Demolition Services (IDS), with joint venture partner Major Projects Group, were awarded the Garden Island (Bayinguwa) Wharf demolition and realignment contract by PSG Holdings in partnership with Lendlease.

    Garden Island is situated close to inner city hub Potts Point, in New South Wales. It’s proximity to an active naval base and significant marine environment, combined with limited space, contributed to a highly sensitive working site.

    Scope of work

    The removal of wharf infrastructure at the Garden Island naval base, required the completion of two stages over an eight month timeframe.

    Stage one:

    • demolition of a two-storey building
    • removal of one section of the cruiser wharf
    • removal of the oil wharf

    Stage two:

    • removal of the remainder of the cruiser wharf

    Specialist expertise required: Marine demolition  |  Government projects  |  Recycling & excavation

    Unique challenges

    Both wharves consisted of a top layer of concrete over a steel reinforced concrete sub-base. Due to its compromised structure, the oil wharf presented additional demolition challenges. Zoning off areas vulnerable to collapse and ensuring no contamination to the marine environment required careful handling.


    Work on the oil wharf began with removal of the upper layers, independent of the sub-base layer because of corrosive damage. The cruiser wharf was in better condition. Both layers were able to be removed simultaneously.

    Protecting the marine environment was paramount to project success. A silt curtain was deployed to catch any debris and strict material removal processes observed to ensure no materials, contaminated or otherwise, leaked into Port Jackson Bay.


    The Garden Island Wharf demolition and realignment project was successfully completed on time and ready for the construction of a new wharf. No major incidents or injuries occurred. In total, IDS removed 6800 square metres of degraded wharf structure, 500 tonnes of concrete, 500 tonnes of steel and over 90 loads of timber.


    Stage 1: March – May 2019
    Stage 2: August – November 2019