IDS actively builds strategic partnerships with like-minded businesses to enhance our ability to deliver outstanding results on our clients’ demolition contracts.


    Combined services offered

    Building partnerships for demolition contracts

    Industrial Demolition Services is open to creating new alliances in relevant industries and encourage suppliers, sub-contractors and clients to explore a partnership with us.

    Forming alliances with like-minded businesses allows us to reliably manage and deliver innovative grave-to-cradle solutions that are holistic, collaborative and safe.

    Partnerships with aligned industries providing down-stream services, such as recycling, allows us to create additional positive outcomes for clients and partners alike.

    We are proud to work closely with and support local Australian businesses including:

    Contact us to find out more about building a partnership with Industrial Demolition Services.

    Working with sub-contractors

    Many demolition contracts require a range of diverse and unique skills. Sometimes projects require Industrial Demolition Services to undertake some work that falls outside our area of expertise. Sub-contractors provide an important resource that supports our operations.

    Our extensive 40-year history working on demolition contracts has allowed us to build a reliable base of expert sub-contractor services.

    To ensure all activities on site are properly coordinated between all parties involved we vet our sub-contractors based on:

    • Reliability
    • Expertise
    • Integration
    • Safety & compliance
    • Social responsibility
    • Environment & sustainability

    Our reputation rests on our sub-contractors’ reputation. So we hold our sub-contractors to the same high standards we expect of our own staff. This ensures our clients get the best possible results.

    To enquire about becoming an Industrial Demolition Services sub-contractor, send us an email.