Occupational Health and Safety

Occupational Health and Safety

Occupational Health and Safety has always been a core value and is given the highest priority in any activity, from the initial planning through to the execution phases.
It is simply unacceptable for any person to be injured as a result of our activities.

The fundamental principle of the Company’s OH&S system is that no person will ever be placed in a situation in which hazards have not been adequately identified and appropriate controls put in place.

The Company has also been instrumental in helping to determine Best Practice safety standards within the industry, through its involvement with the demolition industry and regulatory bodies.The dynamic nature of demolition and environmental projects demand a detailed and systemic approach to the identification and control of hazards. In a typical demolition project, most of the major hazards are present at the outset of the project, including critical elements such as energy sources, hazardous materials and environments, heights and production restraints.

Demolition, by its very position in the normal life cycle of a process, includes hazards, which were never envisaged during the construction phase. As an example, these include the affects of corrosion, structural degradation caused by the inherent process or hazards associated with the specific process such as chemical, heat, by-products and waste.
These factors make it imperative that the systems of safe work used during demolition and environmental projects be purpose developed for such activities and not just a generic desk top system.
Through its involvement with organizations like the Master Builders Association (MBAV) and the Demolition Contractors Association of Victoria (DCAV), the Industrial Group helped establish many of the safety standards that are every-day requirements in the industry today.

Industrial’s OHS Management System is currently being developed and implemented to establish and document the framework of legal requirements, company policies, standards guidelines and management practices to establish a consistent approach and continuous improvement process in health and safety performance. The structure of the system will be consistent with the requirements of AS/NZS 4801:2001 and will permit Industrial Demolition the opportunity to gain system accreditation to the standard. By using a common and systematic approach, Industrial is setting a foundation on which to build an enduring and proactive safety culture for the Company and all of its employees, contractors and stakeholders. It is anticipated that through the implementation of the system, all persons who work for Industrial will have access to common and consistent OHS information no matter which site they are operating on.

This common systems approach includes an OHS Policy, standards, procedures, protocols and forms that together provide a consistent method of measurement. To successfully achieve the health and safety objectives, Industrial will effectively implement the OHS system to ensure that safe systems of work are provided and maintained in the workplace.