Health & Safety

Safety is what defines us and sets us apart. Nothing is more important than the health and safety of everyone involved in our demolition projects. Our AS/NZS 4801 certified Occupational Health & Safety management system is based on decades of industry experience and has been specifically developed to suit demolition activities and meet all legislative and client requirements.


Our Commitment to Safety

  • Eliminate all lost time injuries;
  • Eliminate medical treatment injuries;
  • Eliminate the release of asbestos fibers;
  • Positive reporting and investigation of first aid and near miss events;
  • Toolbox meetings to be held weekly;
  • Pre-start meetings to be held at the start of each shift by each work crew and supervisor;
  • A workforce that is trained and competent;
  • Effective identification and control of hazards;
  • Subcontractor’s prequalification assessment and pre-start readiness approved; and
  • Compliance with project specific H&S Management Plan/SWMs.

It is simply unacceptable for any person to be injured as a result of our activities.

– Graham Cressey
Managing Director, Industrial Demolition Services

Safety Innovations

  • HSEQ Manual: Industrial Demolition Services’ HSEQ Manual describes the process for managing our company’s Integrated Management System with regards to Health, Safety, Environment and Quality.
  • Rapid Global: Industrial Demolition Services uses the Award-Winning Workplace Health & Safety Software Rapid Global. This web-based software helps our company to produce quicker and more accurate incident reports; to manage the full lifecycle of contractor compliance; and to track employee training records.
  • Client Requirements: Requirements from one client to another can change, and in developing project specific HSEQ documentation, we align our management systems with those of our client and incorporate our clients’ requirements into our own safety systems. 

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