Our AS/NZS ISO 14001-2016 certified Environmental Management System has been designed to not only ensure compliance with regulatory and client requirements, but to facilitate the pro-active consideration of environmental issues. If we can develop a way to do a task with an enhance regard for environmental standards and outcomes, we adopt it.

Our Environmental Commitment:

  • Eliminate all notifiable environmental incidents;
  • Positive reporting and investigation incidents;
  • Toolbox meetings to be held weekly;
  • Pre-start meetings to be held at the start of each shift;
  • Workforce is trained and competent;
  • Minimise environmental hazards and inspection programs operating effectively;
  • Subcontractor’s pre-qualification assessment and pre-start readiness approved; and
  • Compliance with project specific Environmental Management Plan/SWMs.

Environmental Innovations

Industrial Demolition Services endeavours to recycle 100% of all waste streams and currently achieves >98% on the majority of projects.

IDS is committed to achieving environmentally sustainable outcomes for all projects. We continually search for new ways to improve our environmental performance, working closely with our clients to identify appropriate and innovative waste reduction strategies.

With a commitment to reuse and recycle, IDS maximizes each opportunity to deliver flexibility around either onsite re-use or offsite disposal of recyclable materials, such as concrete, asphalt, and bricks.

IDS also invests in modern plant and equipment with a focus on fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.

IDS remain focused on the need to make advancements in the areas of carbon emissions, water usage, fuel and electricity consumption.

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