Disaster Recovery

  • Industrial has developed long term relationships with Melbourne’s major Disaster Recovery builders. This highly specialised service provides Industrial’s clients with a rapid response capability to emergency events.
  • The disaster recovery service includes specialised ‘make safe’ and emergency demolition operation, allowing for damage potential from these events to be limited as far as practical.
  • Industrial coordinates these emergency operations with hazardous materials removal contractors, to integrate the two operations seamlessly. Industrials environmental expertise further enhances the ability to optimise on waste disposal issues, including the classification of potential contaminated and inert waste streams.
Industrial has responded to emergencies requiring specialist ‘make safe’, disaster recovery and demolition work on a regular basis for the past thirty years. The majority of this work is fire-related and Industrial is able to respond quickly to emergencies where a building needs to be made safe, particularly avoiding collateral damage to the property itself or adjacent properties, as well as the general public. Industrial offers specialist services in this regard, for the MFB, CFA, Council Building Surveyors, Police Arson Squad and the E.P.A.

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