Our specialist demolition experts provide tailored, niche services for marine demolition, manufacturing facilities and chemical plants.


    Melbourne waterways projects completed

    Specialist marine demolition

    Demolishing structures over water, infrastructure adjacent to the water and the dismantling of associated industry machinery all require specialist marine demolition services.

    We tailor responsible, safe and effective marine demolition and dismantling strategies to urban and rural projects of various sizes and complexity. Careful planning is conducted to prevent disturbance to the natural marine environment and ensure minimal impact to surrounding businesses, property, traffic.

    Get our specialist marine demolition team on live or abandoned sites for:

    • Initial surveys
    • Demolitions
    • Dismantling
    • Salvage
    • Site restoration

    Specialist manufacturing demolition

    Industrial manufacturing plants are often associated with many hazards. Facilities can be varied in nature, size and demolition requirements.

    Our specialist knowledge and experience is firmly rooted in the heavy manufacturing sector. From vehicles to foodstuffs and FMCG products we can provide safe, systematic and cost-effective dismantling and demolition services.

    Need a tailor-made solution? Contact our specialist demolition team for:

    • Partial or total demolition of buildings and structures
    • Dismantling and demolition
    • Risk analysis
    • Hazardous materials removal
    • Standards & compliance
    • Asset realisation

    Chemical plants

    Demolition of high-risk chemical plants, including petro-chemical facilities, are complex and sensitive areas of operation. Many outdated plants no longer meet safety standards. We evaluate three main areas – decontamination, dismantling and disposal – with special emphasis on personnel safety and environmental compliance.

    Safety and environmental plans are designed to minimise occupational exposure through systematic and controlled dismantling as contaminants are removed from the facility. Other key considerations include the proper classification of various wastes, segregation, handling, transport and ultimate disposal.

    Realise maximum value from your decommissioning project with our specialist team including:

    • Decontamination
    • Dismantling
    • Hazardous waste disposal
    • Salvage
    • Compliance planning
    • Redevelopment strategies for redundant sites