Our hazardous waste and materials abatement service delivers solutions for removal and disposal of soil contamination, toxic chemicals and potentially volatile materials.


    Tonnes asbestos removed (12 mths)

    Management of chemicals and hazardous waste disposal

    Sites polluted from industrial, commercial, manufacturing, chemicals and mining activities require specialist abatement services.

    Our hazardous waste disposal delivery work programmes start with a site assessment. Utilising surveys, testing and our analysis of structural and environmental contamination we engineer the safest solutions for managing hazardous projects and sites.

    Our team of specialists are experienced in handling, removing and treating hazardous contaminants including;

    • chemicals
    • asbestos containing materials (ACMs)
    • naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORM)
    • PCBs
    • PFAS
    • lead
    • acid sulphate soils

    Explosive residue

    As a result of defence operations or munitions manufacture retired buildings and  equipment are likely contaminated with explosives residual. This explosive residue can make the demolition of buildings even more dangerous.

    Our specialist team are trained to remove explosive residue on materials before recycling or disposal. This includes treatment of any residual contamination that may have migrated into the site soil to remove any environmental hazards.

    Contact our explosive specialists for the handling, removing and treatment of:

    • munitions
    • explosive contaminated structures
    • volatile materials