Our innovative demolition recycling and environmental management delivers better environmental outcomes and commercial benefits to clients.


    Tonnes material recycled in 2022

    Demolition recycling

    Recycling is a key component of managing demolition waste responsibly and sustainably. With an intent to recycle 100% of all non-hazardous waste streams, IDS regularly achieves up to 98% on the majority of projects.

    Looking for ways to close the gap, we continually invest in ways to improve environmental performance, working closely with clients to identify innovative and appropriate waste reduction strategies.

    Committed to optimising resource recovery, we maximise each opportunity to reuse materials onsite. If materials aren’t suited to reuse, they are processed off-site and sold or recycled into new products such as:

    • building materials
    • furniture
    • decking and flooring
    • fencing

    Find out more about achieving asset realisation through recycling from our experienced consultants.

    Environmentally focused excavation

    The removal of below ground infrastructure, including footings, basements, and storage vessels, is a task we routinely undertake as a part of our everyday service delivery.

    While routine, we always treat each project with the caution and respect works of this nature deserve. And, despite the additional complexities, recycling and responsible waste management remain key deliverables.

    This includes recognising and appropriately managing naturally occurring asbestos (NOA) which can be found in rocks, sediments and soils in various parts of Australia.

    Talk to our demolition recycling and excavation team about:

    • below ground asset removal
    • civil drainage
    • naturally occurring asbestos (NOA)