As industries become redundant, so too does the ageing infrastructure. We bring a wealth of expertise to the decommissioning and removal of legacy assets and redundant structures.


    Decommissioned sites

    Industrial plants

    Working within live and redundant environments from auto manufacturing and paper to chemicals, oil and gas, our in-depth knowledge of the heavy manufacturing sector has been developed over four decades.

    Our experience is underpinned by state-of-the-art compliance and safety systems. With specialist skills in dealing with additional hazards such as chemical waste, contaminated soil and asbestos.

    But perhaps one of our most valuable services starts with the simple question: “Has anyone turned off the lights?.” Our Lights Off service means no costly delays when the work crews turn up because no-one organised a facility-wide shut-down of all utilities.

    Get the best solutions with the safest approach from our specialist decommissioning team including:

    • Lights Off service
    • asset realisation
    • insurance planning

    Decommissioning oil refineries

    Oil refineries present a unique set of challenges, our experience extends from concept planning, early works, major demolition, recycling, and managing complex environmental challenges.

    Additionally, the use of petro-chemical materials and related processes create by-products which require specialist handling and cleaning methods.

    Contact our decommissioning team to get expert advice on:

    • concept planning and design
    • hazardous materials management
    • petrochemical by-product cleaning

    Power stations

    The decommissioning of fossil fuel infrastructure is both challenging and hazardous. Our team has the experience required to safely and successfully manage these unique challenges.

    Talk to our decommissioning team about:

    • budgeting
    • project execution in live environments
    • asbestos identification and removal