As decommission experts, we can successfully engineer complex decom plans, including asset recovery, for the best economic results.


    Average project length (days)

    Closure studies

    Plant closures require complex decommission planning and strict adherence to industry compliance standards. Consideration of the best way to provide positive economic, environmental and community outcomes means cohesive strategies for material reuse & recycling, redevelopment of redundant sites and managing community impact.

    Get expertly engineered closure plans and advice including:

    • Detailed concepts and budgets
    • Simulations and comparisons
    • 3D mapping and drone technology
    • Engineering studies and simulated modelling techniques
    • Method evaluations
    • Compliance planning
    • Scheduling and programming
    • Redevelopment strategies for redundant sites

    Feasibility studies

    Engaging expert decommission consulting services at project inception lays essential groundwork for the delivery of a safe and economically viable outcome.

    Our feasibility studies can provide insights into cost, risk, timeframes, potential hazards and challenges, asset realised opportunities, compliance and insurance requirements and more.

    Contract our skilled team of demolition consultants for:

    Talk to our commercial demolition team about:

    • Project planning
    • Estimating
    • Approvals
    • Risk analysis
    • Hazardous materials reporting
    • Standards and compliance

    Asset realisation

    Asset realisation services include the resale and relocation of reusable equipment and scrap materials. After safe dismantling the sold structures or machinery can be reconstructed at a new site. If individual assets are not suitable for sale or reuse they are recycled or destroyed.

    Get maximum value from our experienced consultants in the negotiation of unwanted, disused assets and recycled scrap.