Underground Petroleum Storage Systems (UPSS) Decommissioning

IES are available to install or to decommission and remove Underground Petroleum Storage Systems (UPSS).

IES personnel have 25 years plus experience in the installation and removal of UPSS and are regularly trained in all aspects of available equipment and on procedures and OH&S requirements.
IES are available to install UPSS at new sites, add to existing systems or to upgrade sites.
With regards to UPSS decommissioning IES can:

  • Decommission entire sites
  • Remove specific components of an existing UPSS
  • Safely abandon underground storage tanks insitu utilizing
    stabilized sand or foam fillers
  • Remove liquids for treatment or recycling
  • Remove surface concrete, footings and anchors for offsite recycling


IES operate in an industry where the use of large machinery is unavoidable.
IES strive to make sustainability considerations and important aspect of all purchasing decisions and project planning.

In completing projects IES will always look to reuse materials where possible, recycle building products, minimize the generation of wastes and prevent spills of fuel.

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