Protecting the privacy and confidentiality of our clients across the whole demolition group is paramount. Our staff, sub-contractors and consultants are trained to manage client information with the utmost respect and care.


    Customers protected so far

    Demolition group contracts and policies

    Industrial Demolition Services (IDS) applies and enforces strict Confidentiality and Privacy policies and procedures across the demolition group.

    All employees, subcontractors and consultants are bound by:

    • client data and information protection requirements
    • confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements
    • relevant legislative and regulatory standards
    • our own policies and procedures.

    Client information management and protection

    We have robust systems in place to control the release of information, in strict accordance with client requirements. Designed to protect sensitive client data, our processes include:

    • policies and processes that act in accordance with client standards
    • training staff to manage client information appropriately
    • timely consultation with relevant teams
    • confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements.

    If required, this can include agreements that prohibit the publishing of images or project details without written client consent.

    Communications and technology

    Our email and IT systems are protected by leading cloud security and cybersecurity services. We constantly review these systems and services to maintain a high level of data security and ensure they keep pace with emerging technologies.


    “Our clients can rest assured that we provide a secure and confidential service. We will always handle any information in accordance with our strict confidentiality policies and procedures.”

    – Graham Cressey, Managing Director, Industrial Demolition Services