Our grave-to-cradle combined demolition services approach and proven reputation are based on high performance, controlled risk solutions and comprehensive demolition expertise.


    Safely decommissioned sites

    Australia-wide experience and expertise

    Industrial Demolition Services (IDS) has an established reputation as a company that delivers the highest standards in combined demolition, decommissioning and dismantling services.

    A reputation built on decades of experience working in live and decommissioned facilities, including oil refineries, power stations and manufacturing plants.

    Activities within these environments demand an almost surgical approach to the task. So if practice makes perfect, we must be close.

    Clients’ can be confident their project will be delivered safely and successfully within the agreed time and budgetary constraints.

    How we built the best combined demolition team

    When it comes to building the right team company safety culture is a clear point of difference. Especially when delivering combined demolition services on a project. IDS safety systems deliver detailed, controlled outcomes across all projects, systematically. While our safety culture nurtures and supports every team member across the board.

    Our view on social corporate responsibility, including championing diversity, inclusion and Indigenous procurement, is another clear winner.

    How we make combined demolition services and projects better

    We believe our ability to intrinsically understand a client’s needs separates us from our competition. It is the reason many of Australia’s largest corporations, government bodies, developers and private businesses choose us.

    To deliver excellence in an increasingly demanding and exacting marketplace we rely on our company culture to drive innovation and forward-thinking practices. A solutions based approach, combined with continual investment in new technologies, delivers gains in both safety and efficiency.

    What this means for clients

    We reliably manage and deliver innovative grave to cradle solutions that are holistic, collaborative and safe.

    Our project delivery teams quickly identify the critical and key elements of a project scope. Particularly within difficult work environments.

    Combined our high-performance, controlled-risk solutions with comprehensive expertise and systems and you get a reliable safety focused demolition service that gets the job done.

    Even for the most complex of demolition challenges.