Information Security

Industrial Demolition Services works with a broad range of clients including a number of domestic and international companies, government bodies, developers and private businesses. The privacy and confidentiality of all our clients is paramount. IDS will at all times respect the confidentially of our clients and has specific systems in place to control the release of information and images in strict accordance with our clients’ requirements.

Contracts and Policies

Industrial Demolition Services has strict Confidentiality and Privacy Policies and Procedures in place and handles all our client’s information with the utmost respect. When dealing with sensitive information our employees, subcontractors and consultants are bound by confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreements.

Email System

Our email system is secured through MailGuard, one of the leading cloud web & email security provider. Supported by comprehensive email usage reports, MailGuard protects against the unauthorised distribution of confidential or commercially sensitive information by providing a 360-degree view of Industrial Demolition Services’ inbound and outbound email traffic.

IT System

Our company uses a Remote Desktop Server to store all its data. Our I.T. systems are constantly reviewed to ensure a high level of data security

Client References

References are provided in strict accordance with our client policies. In a number of cases IDS is bound by strict confidentiality agreements that prohibit us from publishing images or project details without written consent.

“Our clients can rest assured that we provide a secure and confidential service and will always handle any information in accordance with our strict confidentiality policies and procedures.”

– Graham Cressey
Managing Director, Industrial Demolition Services

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